Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Sebastiano Palumbo manager

Agita Putnina, chief architect

Valentina Esposito, architect

Nasim Sehat, architect

Carolina di soglio, architect

Constantine Eugen Cozma, architect

Assigned Typology:        Mixed use

Client:                                Private

Area:                                  97.327 m3

Project phase:                   ON HOLD

Date:                                  2013


Butterfly, mixed uses building

The commission is to generate  a Mixed uses building in order to improve quality to the commercial and residential neighborhood named "Aldo Moro" of the city.  The building is an hub of social spaces, commercial and residential areas with terraces and gardens. the residential dwellings are not on the front street, nábito creates a filter to generate a square with an interior patio as a gate of entrance and to protect the intimacy and interact with the commercial spaces on each side.