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Nábito architects is an international group.

The staff is made up of professionals working in the field of architecture and design, from large to small scale. 

Nábito was founded in 2011 with office in Barcelona, Spain, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The work of Nábito is published in the best world reviews and books and has been exposed in international galleries and museum such as Maxxi Rome, MOMA New York, Store Front For art and Architecture New York, La Biennale di Venezia, Maison de l’architecture Lille, La cite de l’architecture Paris.

Today an architect is not simply a rhetorical and auto referred figure. Today an architect is a creative figure that has to coordinate the complexity of a project's process by answering questions with flexibility and open mind. Our ideas have both a creative strategy and a pragmatical and carefully determined view.

Each client, each agent, each investor, each citizen, each user, each contractor has his own individual needs and we are called upon to coordinate it in a collective whole to generate a socially useful and sustainable product in each scale. Our work is a strategy for sustainability.

The idea that we have of architecture and design is optimistic and active, it is neither restrictive nor dogmatic. Sustainability has to generate new hybrid forms of living sharing spaces and times, functions and actions: it is a great opportunity for environment, culture and society to interact.

This reality exists and tries to get rid of some cultural clichés, going forward to amplify the debate with pragmatism and with special attention to communicate concepts, in a continuous new deal with society. 



   Mr ROBERTO FERLITO - Managing Director - Creative Director


Mr ROBERTO FERLITO - Managing Director - Creative Director

   Ms ALESSANDRA FATICANTI - Teams Coordinator










Design Team from 2007

Susanne Bodach (senior architect), Gabriel Aranda Morales (senior architect), Lisa Pavanello (senior architect), Nicolas Petillon (senior architect), Nam LeToan (senior architect), Ana Luisa Natario (architect), Miguel Gonçalves (architect), Diogo Alexandrino (architect), Alexanda Belo (architect), Alessandra Siriani (senior architect), Fabiène Cuny (architect), Franck Dibon (senior architect), Mustard architects (Dijon), Morisia Scurti (architect), Francesca Di Cintio (architect), Ricardo A. Tavares Saraiva (architect), Jana Wolfart (architect), Silvia Valeri (architect), Slobodan Radoman (MIT senior architect), Lucio Altana (senior architect), Teo Valli (senior architect), Toby Neilson (architect), Joanna Rodriguez-Noyola (senior architect), Luca Brombo (designer), Nuria Hernandez (interior designer), Giacomo Del Buono (architect), Furio Sordini (architect), Isidora Stecki (architect), Sandra Stefanovic (architect), Davide Fois (senior architect), Aldo Sollazzo (architect), Daniele Ceraudo (architect), Daniel Ghutler (architect), Lina Gronskyte (architect), Liva Vilcina (architect), Xenia Antipova (architect), Dana Mazraani (architect), Alessandro Costatini (architect), Mona Shaar (architect), Marcello Risso (architect), Valentina Esposito (senior architect), Andrea Rojas (junior architect), Leonard Kalnins (architect), Madara Villere (architect), Kristine Grava (architect), Ernesto Di Santo (architect), Carlotta Speranza (architect), Silvana Rodriguez (interior designer), Karina Sumilo (architect), Carina Jacob (architect), Aleksandra Laprus (architect), Raitis Tucs (architect), Renato Pucci (architect), Gildo Incitti (architect), Susanna Fagotti (architect), Nasim Sehat (architect), Carolina Dal Soglio (junior architect), Constantin Eugene Cozma (architect), Lisa Bova (architect), Elisabetta Boldrini (architect), Sven Delle (junior architect), Julia Ku (junior architect), Melania Forgione (junior architect), Martina Traini (junior architect), Miriam Ribuffo (architect), Anna Scorretti (junior architect), Alice Garbuio (junior archtect), Chiara Mazzocca (junior architect), Klaudia Bartmanska (junior architect), Jolanta Jedrejczyk (junior architect), Alessandro Altamura (senior architect), Weronika Kogut (junior architect), Flavia Andolfi (junior designer), Karen Beyens (junior architect), Ruth Duarte Barret (senior architect), Despina Pippa (junior architect), Carla Baratta (junior architect), Davide Sei (architect), Dovile Perlaviciute (architect), Fabiana Cerocchi (junior architect), Berta Lerhe (junior architect), Andrea Palmieri (architect), Sedef Catalkaya (junior architect),Guglielmo Amati (architect), Marco Gianni (junior architect), Caterina Boscolo (junior architect), Fabien Tardivel (junior designer), Amir Asayesh (architect), Alessia Musico (architect), Michele Puliga (architect), Darta Dambe (junior architect), Liene Svarce (architect), Tommaso Ruetta (architect), Francesca Murenu (architect), Paolo Iacchia (architect), Irene Meta (architect).

Current Collaborators

Angel Luis Gaspar (interior designer) Xisca Monjo (senior architects), Gennaro Altimari (architect), Armando Trento (project Manager), Luca Faticanti (procurement), Oriol Llach (designer).