Roberto Ferlitocreative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Agita Putnina, main architect

Joanna Rodriguez Noyola, architect

Teo Valli, architect

Toby Nielson, architect


Cittá della musica. 2010 Lecce, Italy


Assigned Typology:    International Competition

Project:            Project design

Client:              Lecce Municipality

Project phase:        Honorable Mention.

Date:            2010


 International firm nabito architects received an honorable mention for their project of 

the città della musica, located in the city of lecce, italy. the competition proposed to build

inside the cave where the city’s stone was extracted from. The entire complex links to the city and with the surrounding two parks. One is an archeological park – a memory of the city and the other an urban park. 

The complex of the auditoriums and restaurants and public spaces combine the city, the landscape, the caves and the buildings themselves.

The building has been designed with sustainability in mind. it green roof’s color changes, throughout the seasons. as the design incorporates a cave, the temperature range is reduced, therefore increasing energy savings.