Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Sebastiano Palumbo, Project manager

Agita Putnina, chief architect


Assigned Typology:         Mixed use

Client:                              Ig Studio, private investors.

Area:                                97.327 m3

Project phase:                 ON GOING

Date:                                2015


CDR-CDU - Mixed-use building and Masterplan

The Philosophy of CDR-CDU Master plan is to develop a singular self-sufficient mixed uses blocks.

The meaning of this operation is to fight against the abusiveness that has “designed” the neighbourhood along last 50 years. These punctual interventions are like injection of quality in an anonymous and ambiguous urban landscape.

The interior space of each block is an Oasis. Due to the mixed typologies (Small, medium, large and extra large) and to the different functions and activities,(residential, commercial and managerial) the complex system with internal patio space it is a sustainable block with facilities and social dynamism.