Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Frank Dibon, architect

Fabiene Cuny, architect


Assigned Typology:       Mixed use Building- masterplanning

Client:                              Ljubljuna Municipality  

Project phase:                 International competition Winner. First Price 

Date:                                2008


Ljublana Poljane Area international Competition - Mixed-use building and Master-plan

In the Watergate and corner city areas this system bring us to carefully mapping the zones and their possible interactions through geo-urban connectors, infrastructures and complex “green”  corridors. 

This appears to be a complex system that tries to keep in touch with every parts. An open,  auto regenerating and auto recalibrating system. 

This system is condensed into the RAINBOW TOWER, a new magnify landmark, a mixed uses building full of activities, from administrative offices to hotel-residential and commercial, and perceived from the exterior as a part of new skyline ofLjubljana. The Rain-bow has been recalled here as a new concept of condenser in terms of social sustainability, functional and self-suficient energie tower. It is an accumulator, a store and an attractor. It is the new gate for Poljane area.