Roberto Ferlito  creative director 

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator 

Sebastiano Palumbo, project manager

Agita Putnina, chief architect

Michele Puliga, architect

Guglielmo Amati, architect

Darta Dambre, architect

Alessia Musico, architect

Fabien Tardivel, architect


Assigned Typology:      Interior design, Co-working space

Client:                             Private

Area:                              400 sq.m.

Project phase:               BUILT, first phase

Date:                              2015


Sparkling Strategies, Co-working

Sparkling is a space for training the spirit and educate with a complete new creative concept. We design a gym, a fitness center for the mind. We Just provide abstract platforms in a suspended dreamlike space. We gave useful supports to socialize and flexibly mixing the spaces. One of the most representative project of Nábito's work philosophy and process.