Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Sebastiano Palumbo, technical architect

Oriol Llach, Main Designer, architect

Agita Putnina, chief architect

Valentina Esposito, project manager 

Gildo Incitti, architect

Ernesto Di Santo, architect


Assigned Typology:        Private Commission - Kitchen Concept

Client:                                Private            

Project phase:                  Prototype

Date:                                  2013

The Common Table, Itlay

“The common table” is a revolutionary design that takes the Italian furniture industry a step closer into the future. It is a condenser, taking all of our daily activities and converging them into a single product. The common table reinterprets the space of the Home by re-enacting the original concept of the kitchen space as a “big table” of sharing.The common table is a tale, a kaleidoscope of emotions.The common table is the tradition projected into the future

The project was presented at the XIII. Biennial of Architecture in Venice 2012, the Prototype has been developed and presented in January 2013 with the collaboration of Arrex le cucine and Officina Design.