Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Sebastiano Palumbo, project manager

Agita Putnina, chief architect

Furio Sordini, architect

Sandra Stefanofic, architect

Isidora Stecki, architect


Assigned Typology:        Private Commission for Multifunctional bulding

Client:                                Private            

Project phase:                  ON HOLD

Date:                                  2011

Infra-Landscape, Anagni, Itlay

A multi-level mixed-use building in anagni, italy. situated on the boundary between the city and the local

countryside, the design inserts itself into the landscape to secure views of the valle del sacco while

serving as a functional and spatial mediator between the two diverging characters of the site.

read as an overlapping composition of four pentagonal volumes, the design opens up to the south side
of the sloping plot with the back of the building retaining the soil of the plot. multiple terraced roofs
and gardens extend out of the topography to dissolve the distinction between architecture and land. 
an open plaza space connects the buildings together with a fluid circulation while providing a public platform for meeting and interaction.

conceived with a focus on sustainable design, the project utilizes solar orientation for natural daylighting and cross ventilation, with local stones and travertine for flooring.