Roberto Ferlito  creative director

Alessandra Faticanti coordinator

Sebastiano Palumbo manager

Agita Putnina, chief architect

Valentina Esposito, architect

Lisa Bova, architect

Elisabetta Boldrini, architect

Nasim Sehat, architect

Karina Sumilo, architect

Assigned Typology:        Private lounge space

Client:                                Vasco Worldwide               

Project phase:                   ON HOLD

Date:                                  2013

The Lounge, Jeddha

The commission is to design a Lounge space fIn Jeddah for Vasco travelers worldwide Company. This space is to reproduce it in Airports lounges.

“The lounge” is a place  where you have always been.

Concept is about space, time, domesticity and daytime life.

We want to reproduce the individual daily life in a space that you can find everywhere.

We want to erase the distance, reproducing daily actions in a flexible space.

Even if you are faraway from home you should feel like if  you never left.

The Lounge is composed by different spaces with different ambiences in a stereophonic-al morphology and related each others, where you can stay in touch with other people or isolate yourself.

Travelers reducing distances, gaps, cultures in a space that  mixed sounds, flavors, colors : this is the world of “The lounge”